Thursday, November 30, 2006

I've been a bad, bad bug blogger!

Stridulations has obviously been gathering spider webs for a while. Though I'd like to be a prolific blogger, other parts of my life sometimes become entirely too hectic, and when that happens, the e-bugs just have to wait in a long, long line.

I'm trying to devote a lot of time to my research right now, as well as to searching for my next job. (I won't be blogging about the latter, since it's really one of those things that's best kept confidential.) Yup, I do have a backlog of photos from Panama, Rochester, and Montreal. Nope, not sure when they'll get posted.

I would like to keep Stridulations going, and I'm extremely indebted to the people who keep checking out this site. I can't promise frequent updates right now, but please do keep dropping by!

-- Julie

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