Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Vive les papillons migrateurs!

I have a big birthday coming up soon. A very big one, in fact. One of those large, round numbers that makes people want to buy you black party hats. Or, in my case, perhaps a big red one.

My husband and I aren't normally very impulsive people, but on his own Very Big Birthday about seven weeks ago, we flew out to his hometown and celebrated with my in-laws. My ceremonial birthday visit to my own relatives will be less elaborate, and has been scheduled for a future weekend. So, he felt it was only fair to semi-impulsively line up a big trip for my own big day.

So he's going to take me to a place where I've always wanted to go.

The big question: Where do you take an antenna-head for a romantic whirlwind birthday getaway?

Well, provided our promised wireless-internet access holds up during the trip, Stridulations will be blogging from just such a place in the very near future.

The Insectarium de Montréal.

During the Monarch Odyssey.

I couldn't have picked a better birthday. Or a better husband!

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