Sunday, August 13, 2006

The first rule of Ant Fight Club is -- You do not blog about Ant Fight Club!

Ah, yes, but I'm not a member of Ant Fight Club. I'm not even an ant. So, I'm free to blog away, and here's the latest installment of our Ant TV series. Many thanks to Rick for turning my raw footage into this short video, as well as for adding photos of his own and some original music facilitated by GarageBand clips. The "video" was all taken on our two digital still cameras, pressed into service to record the ant action.

This Tetramorium battle, by the way, has been going on outside our apartment for six days (these things usually seem to resolve within a few hours, but this one's a notable exception). If it goes on much longer, I'm going to contact Jimmy Carter. In the meantime, here are our battling neighbors, captured on camera.

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