Saturday, June 17, 2006

Back to the bugs

The flow of photos from Panama resumes. Here are three of the same moth, a male Urania fulgens that had the misfortune to be roadkilled just outside Altos de Campana National Park. U. fulgens is a day-flying moth that strongly resembles a swallowtail butterfly. Although this one was killed by a vehicle, its wings remained mostly intact; I froze it at the STRI lab in hopes that someone will pin it and give it new life as a permanent entomological specimen.

U. fulgens from above:

And from below, showing the underside of the wings:

One more, unfortunately a bit less sharp, but with my hand present for scale:

For more information about this beautiful moth, I'll defer to an expert, Dr. Neal Smith, whom I had the pleasure of meeting in Panama. Here's his Urania page.

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