Friday, June 09, 2006

Ant bites, captured on camera

I've finally posted some promised images to YouTube. This one shows me annoying an Azteca ant nest on Barro Colorado Island. The "videos" were actually taken with my still camera -- a tiny Coolpix 5600 that has a "movie" feature that I was using for the first time. I was alone on the trail, juggling the camera, an aspirator, and a backpack full of other collecting equipment, when I recorded them. That's why the camera angles get vertiginous sometimes. That's also how I accidentally turned off the camera during the process, which is why the encounter is divided into two separate videos, called Azteca 1 and Azteca 2. Watch them in order for maximum effect; the combined length of the two videos is a bit over four minutes. Oh, and if you really want to share the experience: Make yourself some popcorn, and sprinkle it with bleu cheese and coconut.

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