Friday, February 17, 2006

Some of my favorite sites

Since this blog is so new, I'm still mulling over how to build it up in the future. I suspect its scope will widen considerably, since neither nature nor natural science is easy to partition into neat categories. In the meantime, I thought I'd continue to warm up by posting a few links to other, more established entomologically-oriented sites.

Myrmecos is an insect taxonomist, and an expert photographer of arthropods. His nom de net is derived from an ancient Greek word meaning "ant", and ants are indeed the main focus of his site. There's quite a variety of arthropod imagery there, though; it's well worth a visit if you're a mini-beast fancier.

BugGuide.Net is an online community of amateur and professional entomologists. Any registered user (it's free) can submit photographs, and photographs are searchable. It's a great place to get that strange bug identified, or just to browse the photos and learn more about the taxonomy and natural history of insects.

BugBios, based in Hawaii, is an educational site that includes information on basic insect identification to cultural entomology.

Monarch Watch is an education, conservation, and research site hosted at the University of Kansas. Among its links are resources for teachers, butterfly gardeners, and anyone interested in volunteering to help with field research on U.S. monarch populations.

If you have other favorites, by all means leave a comment. At some point, I'll reconstruct the sidebar to include more links, which I'll probably organize either taxonomically or geographically.

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